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If you write stories about castration fantasies, girls fucking guys with strap ons, girls forcing guys to do gay things, forced cum eating, ballbusting (gay or straight), dick crushing, small penis humiliation, tease and denial or anything related, I want to read them :)

I really enjoy reading BB Mal's Blog, have done my best to make films about some of his stories already.

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If you are interested in modeling with one of my productions, please send one clear face pic and one clear body pic, with a piece of paper that has the current date in the picture. We really need to see what your body really looks like today, so a camera phone or webcam pic is fine. Just make sure you are standing straight up, facing the camera directly and your full body is in the pic.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Olivia and Derek came back for a bad ass ballbusting and pantyhose shoot

One of my very favorite things is to film a kinky couple together, because they tend to have the best chemistry.  Sometimes a girl will really go buck wild with the ballbusting when it's with her actual boyfriend.

This week a couple friends of mine that I met through another great ballbusting producer, Billy Wild, (if you like footjobs, you should really check his stuff out, btw) came by for a long shoot.  It got sexy...

Derek has some experience with grappling and boxing, and he really does teach his girlfriend, Olivia, some moves from time to time.  So when I asked them if they could do some grappling holds mixed with ballbusting and teasing, they knew more of what they needed to do than I could have possibly planned.

I'm definitely no mixed wrestling specialist.  I'll leave that to the pro's, like Grappling Girls, but I do like the idea of a girl in spandex leggings, rubbing and teasing a guy with her crotch into submission, while beating his nuts in.  I don't think I'm alone in that.

Olivia has a body that was made to be wrapped in spandex, and her reactions and celebrations after busting her boyfriend's balls are perfect.

It helps that Derek can improv and act.  He really does have an excellent stage presence.  He didn't have to do any acting when it came to the pain of having his junk beat in, but it's nice to work with a guy that can hold a scene together in between busts.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

About Hard Ballbusting in Shoots

I think about this a lot, and I thought I would take the time to share my thoughts on my blog.  As a ballbusting fetishist, I have been turned on by the idea of having my balls abuses since before I even knew what sex was.  I don't pretend to know where the fetish comes from.  I take the Popeye approach: "I yam what I yam..."

I've been working in adult and fetish film for a few years now.  Before that, I used to pay dominatrix's, strippers, prostitutes and escorts to kick me in the balls.  Back when I was just a John, and would pay for a session from time to time, I would tell the girl to go really hard.  I noticed that it didn't hurt, it just turned me on.  It's almost as if lust itself is a painkiller or something.  One time a stripper kicked me so many times that I had internal bleeding.  My balls swelled up like grapefruits.  I honestly didn't feel it at all until after I came.

About six months ago I started my first fetish production, She Owns Your Manhood, and suddenly I was have my balls kicked, kneed, stomped, squeezed and slapped 4-5 times per week for hours at a time.  I quickly realized that I could only take so much, and if I was to continue working at this pace, I would need to go lighter, or I could get permanently hurt.  I still really do get kicked in the balls, it just isn't as hard.  A lot of times the girl or guy doing the busting will completely miss, and I'm ashamed to say that those kicks still end up in my films.

When I started filming my own clips, I committed to making the sexiest clips out there.  I never have strived to have the hardest ballbusting clips, but I do want them to be hot.  I have a lot of respect for other producers and models who do the heavy ballbusting.  I love their work, and I jerk off to their work.  Productions like Elise Bullies Balls, Cruel and Unusual, and Brat Princess 2 all do amazing things.  I do not look at them as competition.  I think we really are all on the same team, working hard to put more sexy fetish content on the internet, defending the world from bad fetish porn...  it's a noble cause :)

Now that I have been producing for six months, I've gotten a few fans, I've sold some clips, and I'm having a blast.   I do get concerned that the integrity of my films may be slipping.  I do feel confident that I shoot sexy fetish porn, but I worry that light and sometimes missed ballbusting is not really cutting the mustard.  The problem that I am faced with is this:

- my balls can only take so much
- I can find guys to take hard ballbusting, but most of them aren't sexy enough for my standards
- I can find sexy guys, but most of them can't take hard ballbusting
- A lot of the female and male busters are scared to hurt someone, so they need to be trained, but I can't afford to pay them for training

I think about this a lot, and I'm going to make this work.  I am committing to getting back to my roots, and filming harder kicks, knees and slaps.  If I have to spend more money and cut my living expenses, so be it. If I have to film less clips, update less often, so be it.

I Love working with JC Simpson!

Last week my dear friend and fellow fetishist, JC Simpson, came over to my apartment for a series shoot.  The week before she had come by to hang out while I shot her friend for my Man Up store, and we wanted to squeeze in a strap on scene with me and JC, but just didn't have time with all the Male Male ballbusting that I had to get done.  She came back a week later to fuck my ass, and it was awesome...

Not only is JC 6 feet tall and strikingly beautiful, she can also improv, she's fun to hang out with, and she's a woman of integrity, which I personally find extra sexy.  If she promisses to come back and fuck your ass with strap on, you can count on it :)

We shot a 6 part series.  The plot was like this:  Lance is JC's boyfriend.  She abuses him and uses him as a sex slave, but she's bored with him, so she's started playing with another couple on the side.  While she still loves her boyfriend, and talks sweet to him, she really doesn't need his balls anymore, so she's going to play with him one last time, then castrate him and give him another couple to use as their whore for ass fucking, pussy eating and cock sucking.   The first few scenes involves me being tied up and her teasing me with her body, keeping me hard while she abuses my balls.

Then it moves to a bed room where she forces me to cuck her strap on, take it in the ass, and finally she jerks me off until I cum all over her black leggings while she reminds me that I'm soon to be a eunuch sex slave.  It was fucking hot.
Anyway, JC is awesome to work with.  I don't have the time to write blog posts about all my shoots, but I wanted to make the time to share this with the world :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Wild Night of Shooting

A couple of days ago I had another awesome night of shooting with some talented friends.  We started out the night with my good friend JC Simpson giving me a ballbusting handjob.  She looks amazing in a tight short dress and had no problem milking my cum all over her black pantyhose, before and after kneeing me in the nuts a few times:

JC is one of the sexiest fetish models I know, and she's genuinely a fun person to hang out with, even when she isn't letting me cum on her pantyhose.

After that, we got into some Male Male Ballbusting.  I wanted to do something a little more artsy and different this time, so we made a four part series involving three characters in the mob.  I'm calling it "Ballbusting Mafia Tales."  It's a story about a boxer who was supposed to throw a fight, but didn't because of his pride, so the mob sent Vinny after him to work his balls over:
If I were giving out acting awards, the Oscar would go to Nito (Playing Vinny in the white suit).  We were all astounded by his ability to ad-lib and jump into a character.

But after Vinny fucks up and steals money from the mob, he gets tied up and busted by another goon who might just crush his nuts with a pair of plyers:

Then the tables really turn, and the mob sends Derek, the boxer in trouble to go get redemption on Vinny's balls:

Derek certainly has a way with keeping ballbusting hard and sexy.  We had to stop shooting more than 5 times that night because of injured balls.  All these guys are tough as nails.

We also shot some good "Frat Hazing" male male ballbusting scenes, and then ended the night with a bang with another series shoot of Derek and his sexy little girlfriend, Olivia Lowe in a teasing ballbusting and castration threatening handjob scene.  The plot was simple:  Olivia is breaking up with Derek, and she's taking his balls with her...

This scene was particularly hot.  Olivia has the perfect body for a leotard and pantyhose fetishist, and she really knows how to tease and bust.

All these clips will be up soon on She Owns Your Manhood and Man Up.  I hope you like them.  We certainly had fun making them :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great time shooting last night

A really lovely and kinky couple came over to my studio in Tampa last night.  I had actually met them earlier that day at a big group handjob shoot, and when I told them what I produce, they were eager to come over and play.

Amiee Cambridge and her boyfriend Johnny were amazing to work with.  They really do have a long term fetish relationship, which is not that easy to find.  Amiee really does kick Johnny in the balls on the regular.  He's a lucky dude.

Anyway, we shot some really hot stuff.  She abused his balls.

She teased him

I abused his balls

He got to return the favor

He filmed me getting fucked by Amiee (and she really gave me the sweet dick)

Awesome time.  I'm about to start editing the footage.  Expect to see it on Man Up and She Owns Your Manhood respectively soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drill Sergeant Drills His Balls

We got a new recruit for M-M ballbusting!  Rod is a handjob black man with a great voice for film, and he can really nail some balls.  He happens to have a foot fetish too :)

This is my first clip with him:  Drill Sergeant Drills His Balls

Lance is in the military, and he’s in trouble, so his drill sergeant has him cleaning his house on his hands and knees in his underwear, and combat boots.  Watch Lance get berated and ballbusted with combat boots by our newest male talent, Rod.  Sergeant Rod paces back and forth, building anticipation between kicks and knees while he tells Lance to “Man Up.”

I was really impressed with Rod’s acting and, and really hard knees and kicks.  Here's what my thighs looked like after the shoot.  The the bruises on my legs are from wear his combat boots were hitting me on the way to my balls.  It was a little brutal.


PRICE:   $7.99 USD
TIME:     8  MIN

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New M-M Ballbusting Clips!

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I traveled to San Fran for some shoots with, and had an amazing time getting beat up and tortured and even fucked hard by a beautiful tranny in a dirty industrial men's room.  Now I'm back, I just had a few great shoots, I've been editing my pants off and I finally have some new hot Male - Male ballbusting clips to update with. 

I found a new model, Derek, and he's got a great look, and great stage presents, and great big set of balls to beat up:

I shot 4 clips with him, and then another with another new model, Rod.  He's a handsome black man, and he did a great job kicking my nuts in with some combat boots in a sort of military style ballbusting scene.  I'll have to throw those screen shots up later, that footage is still on my camera...

Anyway, expect new updates every day, or every other day for a while now.  I scheduled a long overnight shoot with Brent, who you've already seen, plus two new models: Nito (a cute latino guy) and a young 18 year and 2 month year old kid who we still need a porn name for :)  Maybe I'll be able to finally shoot some good 2 on 1 ballbusting clips that night.

So there's that, and I've been hitting the gym really hard this week.  One thing about running a porn business is that it's hard to find time to take care of your body.  Now that I'm at an all time scrawny weight of 142 lbs, I've committed to getting big again :)